Sunny Tower 1200/2000W heater with remote control

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HABA's Sunny Tower will keep you warm on cold camping days!

When camping, you sometimes have cold summer evenings, thanks to the Sunny Tower you can still enjoy your awning at the campsite.

The ceramic heater has 2 heating elements to bring the room up to the desired temperature quickly (2000W consumption) or somewhat more quietly (1200W consumption). The desired temperature is easy to set. It is also possible to switch on a timer, which ensures that the heater switches off automatically as soon as the timer has expired. This can be set in whole hours from 0 to 9.

The Sunny Tower can rotate over 70° when the rotation mode is activated.

The control of the heater is located at the top of the heater, but can also be done using the supplied remote control.

The heater is equipped with an indicator light, so that it is easy to see in which position the heater is rotating. The following colours of light can be distinguished:

- blue only the fan is running

- purple low power mode (1200W)

- red high power mode (2000W)

- red interrupted Eco mode (switches automatically on and off between 19 and 21 degrees room temperature)


Article number7801200


supply voltage 230V AC

Diameter product 18cm

energy consumption 1200/2000W

Height product 54cm

Colour Black

Frequency 50Hz

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