Brake light housing with cameras

Homeright New items season 2023

The HABA reversing camera provides better visibility of your motorhome when parking or reversing. 
The brake light frame is the part that is attached around the brake light. Two cameras are attached in the frame. A short-distance camera with a view of 160° by 130° and a 2nd long-distance camera with a view of 85° by 65°. The frame also features a UV protection layer, protecting the plastic from discolouration by sunlight. 
The reversing camera can be installed on the Fiat Ducato, Peugot Boxer and Citroen Jumper. The camera is only intended for better visibility of the surroundings and is not equipped with sensors (which would allow you to park, for example).
- Safe and clear reversing
- Two cameras with different functions (long/short range and wider view)
- Brake light housing is UV-resistant

The cameras can be connected to our HD screen article 7106000 or to the existing navigation screen in the vehicle.

Article number7106050

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