Foldable bucket with lid 10L

Homeright New items season 2023

The folding bucket with lockable lid has a capacity of 10 litres and is ideal for use in the laundry room or kitchen for this reason. The bucket is lightweight, easy to fold together and features a handle and hole that you use to hang it up. 
The bucket can be used for many different purposes. For example, washing your laundry, cleaning the dishes and as a storage space in the car when travelling. The bucket is made especially for campers, but of course it is also very handy for use at home.
Easy to fold and unfold
The folding bucket is user-friendly. The bucket is easy to fold open and close again. 
The folding bucket has a width of 250 millimetres and, when folded, a height of 55 millimetres. Folded out, the bucket with lockable lid has a height of 250 millimetres.
Light weight
The bucket is also lightweight, weighing less than 800 grams. 
Design and colour of the folding bucket with lockable lid. With its neutral colours, white and grey, the folding bucket matches any interior.

Article number7601910

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