Viganella 180 door light/rain gutter for Crafter, Man, Sprinter

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The door light with dual function

The Viganella lamp is a door light with high luminosity to illuminate the entrance to the camper. The door light is suitable for installation on the camper Westfalia MAN, Volkswagen Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter.

Sliding door
The lamp fits exactly in the opening of the wider sliding doors of these motorhomes, illuminating the entrance over the entire width.

Light brightness
The door light has a high brightness. The frosted cover distributes the light evenly, avoiding harsh shadows.
This is great for getting in and out of the vehicle, but also when sitting in front of the motorhome.
With an external dimmer, the light intensity of the lamp can be dimmed.

Rain gutter
The Viganella door light also functions as a rain gutter. The rainwater from the roof is guided along the sides of the doorway.

Watertight seal
The doorlight has a watertight seal for the wiring.

The Viganella door light is easy to install. First, you attach the doorlight with the tape strip and then you attach it securely by screwing it down. In the door light, there are standard 5 screw holes of Ø3mm. Screws are included.

Technical properties
The doorlight has a width of 1.5m, a high light output of 450 lumens and a low power consumption of 7W.
The material of the door light is aluminium, the colour is black.

Product alternative
The Viganella door light is also available in a variant for Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroën Jumper. This variant is shown under the heading "Product alternative".

Article number4302529


supply voltage 12V DC

Type of light source LED

energy consumption 7 Watt

Colour Black

Power consumption 0.58A

Safety device IP44

Light colour 4000K

Product length 150cm

Brightness in lumen 225 lumen

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