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Product description of the MPPT charger

The MPPT charger is an indispensable factor in the circuit for generating energy in a sustainable way, through a solar panel. It is a charge controller that ensures the generated power from the solar panel is converted into the correct voltage for the battery of the motorhome or caravan. The MPPT charger lets you get the most out of your solar panel.


Ready to charge yourself with a tasty cup of coffee, made with renewable energy!


The MPPT charger is the indispensable factor:

  • Ensures that the power generated from the solar panel is stored in the battery.
  • Uses the full power of the solar panel as much as possible by adjusting both the current and the voltage to the charging cycle.
  • Prevents overcharging the battery of the motorhome or caravan. By connecting an MPPT charger to the solar panel, the battery of the motorhome or caravan lasts much longer.
  • Ensures that the battery receives constant current at every stage of charging.
  • Gets more power from the solar panel than a conventional charger (PWM charger). This is up to 10% more power than the PWM charger.
  • Is an information provider. With the use of an MPPT charger, information is generated about the status of the solar panel. This information can be read via 2 different media, see “MPPT charger expansion” for this.
  • You indicate which battery you have on the MPPT charger. The MPPT charger then ensures automatic conversion into the right voltage for your battery.


Multiple solar panels

The MPPT charger is very suitable for connecting multiple solar panels in series, because of the very high yield.



The dimensions of the MPPT charger are 150 X 105.6 X 61.5 mm.


Our tip: Mount the MPPT charger in the fuse box.


Energy route from sun to electrical device

The sun shines on the solar panel, which generates renewable energy. The energy that is generated is converted into usable energy by the MPPT charger. The MPPT charger sends the information to the Remote LCD Display or Bluetooth adapter. The usable energy is delivered to the battery. The battery stores the energy. The electrical devices that are in and around the motorhome or caravan can now be provided with power.


The Bluetooth adapter, Remote LCD Display, battery and solar panel are shown under the “Related products” heading.


MPPT charger expansion

We recommend reading out the status of the solar panel. This can be done in 2 ways.


With the remote LCD display for the MPPT charger. This display allows you to easily read all important data.

Or with the Bluetooth adapter. You connect this product to the MPPT charger. All important solar panel data can be seen on your mobile phone at a glance.


The remote LCD display and Bluetooth adapter are shown under the “Related products” heading.

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