Carasafe Safety protection caps for Carajack aluminium supports

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Cover caps for the aluminium axle support

The aluminium axle stands support the chassis of the caravan or motorhome to take the weight off the tyres when staying in one place for a long time.
To protect the chassis of the vehicle and to increase the safety, put the Carajack Safety protective caps on the axle supports.
The protective cover caps give a better grip of the axle supports on the chassis of the caravan or motorhome.
The pressure on the axle support is also better distributed and the cap ensures a separation between metal and metal, which prevents possible damage to the chassis.

The top of the axle support is screwed to the underside of the chassis of the caravan or motorhome. To prevent possible damage, the protective caps are applied.

The rubber caps also give the axle support a better grip on the caravan or motorhome. Safety is increased.

Simply attach the protective caps by clicking them onto the top of the axle supports. They are immediately ready for use.

Carajack from HABA
The protective caps are made specifically for HABA's Carajack aluminium axle stands.

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The Carajack aluminium supports are also available in a set of 2 or in a set of 4 without protective caps. These camping accessories are shown under the heading "Related Products". 

Available in stores from February 2022.

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