Alu-jacks Carajack with protection caps set of 4 pieces

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Stabilize the caravan or motorhome when staying somewhere for a longer period of time

The Carajack Set consists of 4 aluminium supports with Carajack Safety covers.
The aluminium axle stands support the chassis of the caravan or motorhome to take the weight off the tyres when staying in one place for a long time.
The cover caps provide a better grip of the axle supports on the chassis of the caravan or motorhome.
The pressure on the axle support is also better distributed and the cap ensures a separation between metal and metal, which prevents possible damage to the chassis.

Placing the axle supports
The Carajack is placed on the underside of the chassis near the tyres. By rotating the horizontal pin, you can change the height of the axle support. Turn it until the correct height is reached.
The correct height is reached as soon as the weight has been removed from the tyres and the motorhome/caravan is standing horizontally.
Note: Make sure the tyres stay on the ground at all times!

Maximum weight
1 axle support can carry a maximum weight of 1000kg.

Technical specifications
The minimum height of the axle support is 300mm, the maximum height is 430mm. The axle support is made of aluminium.

Protective caps
This set of 4 axle stands is completed with 4 protective cover caps.

The top of the axle support is turned up against the underside of the chassis of the caravan or motorhome. To prevent any damage the protective caps are applied.

The rubber caps also give the axle support more grip on the chassis of the caravan or motorhome.  The safety is increased.

Attach the protective caps simply by clicking them onto the top of the axle supports. They are immediately ready for use.

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Available in stores from February 2022.

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