Abano Bluetooth Module - Bluetooth monitor for MPPT charger 12V-260W-20A

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The sun is shining! How much renewable energy does my solar panel generate?


Product description of the Bluetooth adapter for the solar panel

You love camping and nature. By purchasing a solar panel, you are consciously committed to nature. Good going! But what does your solar panel actually yield?

By connecting a Bluetooth adapter to the MPPT charger, you can see all important information at a glance on your mobile phone!


Specifically for HABA's MPPT charger

The Bluetooth adapter is suitable for connecting to the HABA MPPT charger.


Energy route from sun to electrical device

The sun shines on the solar panel, which generates renewable energy. The energy that is generated is converted into usable energy by the MPPT charger. The MPPT charger sends the information to the Remote LCD Display or Bluetooth adapter. The usable energy is delivered to the battery. The battery stores the energy. The electrical devices that are in and around the motorhome or caravan can now be provided with power.


The MPPT charger, battery and solar panel are shown under the “Related produkte” heading.


Connecting and using the Bluetooth adapter

The Bluetooth adapter has 2 mounting holes on the side. This allows you to easily hang the adapter in a convenient spot in the caravan or motorhome.


Design of the Bluetooth adapter

The display is made of plastic and black in colour. The dimensions are 67.3 X 36 X 15.3 mm. The cable you connect to the MPPT charger has a length of 1.4 m.



An app is available to read all the information from the solar panel. Very convenient, as it means all important information of the solar panel is within reach!


Alternative product

There is also an option to view all the important information of the solar panel on a display. The Remote LCD Display for MPPT charger is shown under the “Product variants” heading.

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