C-line USB-A and USB-C charging port

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Charging a mobile phone and laptop in the caravan or motorhome?

After mounting this USB charging element it is possible to charge your mobile phone, tablet, laptop in the camper or caravan.

What makes it so handy is that you can use both the USB-A and USB-C port at the same time. Thanks to the smart charging technology, the USB charger charges optimally.

C-Line product range
The USB charging element belongs to our extensive C-Line product range. The USB charger can be neatly integrated into the interior by using a single or double cover frame, for example.

Technical properties
The connection voltage of the charger is 10-24V.
USB-A charges with a charging current of 2.4A (12W) and the USB-C port 3A (18W).

Product combination
For the entire C-line product range, we refer you to the "Switching material" category.  Here you can also choose the suitable cover frame. You can also combine the charger with other switching material, in which case you can choose multiple frames.

Article number4104330H

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