Darwin XL double step

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Step in and out of your caravan or motorhome more comfortably with the extra wide steps


Product description of the Darwin XL

These extra wide caravan steps are placed in front of the entrance/exit of your motorhome or caravan. The extra wide steps ensure that you can step in and out safely.


Caravan steps with extra comfort

Thanks to the extra wide steps, you can easily step in and out of the doorway. The steps can carry a weight of up to 150 kg, which means they are very sturdy and strong.

The wide steps are covered with treaded rubber mats to prevent slipping. Slipping on steps is a thing of the past!


Design of the caravan steps

The steps are made of aluminium. The steps are covered in black rubber and silver in colour. This choice of neutral colours make the steps suitable for every interior.


The dimensions of both steps are 550 X 230 mm. The total dimensions of the steps are 615 X 670 X 385 mm.


Complete the caravan steps

The Darwin step support offers you the option to step in and out of the caravan or motorhome even more safely. The step support allows you to support yourself while you step in and out.


In addition, the Darwin XL steps can also be expanded with adjustable feet Stepfoot Darwin/London. The feet are made for 3 kinds of steps from our range, including the Darwin XL steps. If you are camping on a soft and uneven surface, the wide feet provide more stability and make sure the steps do not sink into the soft soil.


The expansion products are shown under the “ Related products” heading.


Alternative to the Darwin XL steps

Besides the Darwin XL, we also sell the “regular” Darwin. We also sell a single aluminium step: London. These are shown under the “Product variantes” heading.

Article number7400085


Net Weight 5.25kg

Max Carry Weight 150kg

Material aluminium

Height product 38cm

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