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The solution for rattling caravan and motorhome doors!


Product description of the door catch

You are sitting outside enjoying the sun, but you hear the door of your motorhome or caravan rattling behind you. The door catch is the solution!


With the door catch, you lock the door in a fixed position, so that the door stays open.


Installing the door catch

The door catch is easy to install on the outside of your caravan or motorhome. The plastic parts both feature 2 mounting holes. These mounting holes are meant for screwing the parts onto the caravan or motorhome using the included screws. 1 part is mounted into the wall, the other part onto the door. The door catch can be used immediately after installation.


Material of the door catch

The door catch features a click system. Lock the door with 1 click.

The material is plastic. The dimensions of the door catch are 70 X 40 x 30 mm. The colour is white.


Door catch is complete

The mounting screws for the door catch are included.

Article number7601710H

Price€ 3,75

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