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Wow! Integrate your mobile phone charger into the interior of your caravan of motorhome!


Product description of the induction charger

This induction charger makes it possible to charge your mobile phone wirelessly. No more hassle with cords. What's more, you can neatly conceal the wireless charger in the interior. The induction charger is perfect for use in your favourite sitting area in the caravan or motorhome.


This wireless charger is specifically designed for use in the caravan and motorhome.


Induction charger installation

Installing the wireless charger takes a bit of work, but you get something great in return!

The induction charger can be installed by sawing/drilling a hole with a 60 mm diameter. You then connect the wiring to the 12V DC power network and place the induction charger into the hole you just made. The wiring is at the bottom of the charger, which means you can conceal it neatly. The induction charger clamps itself through the ribs on the outside of the circle.


Design of the induction charger

The wireless charger has an accessible and sleek design. Its beautiful design makes it very suitable to integrate into any interior. The black colour gives it an extra fashionable appearance.


The charger is about as wide as a ‘regular’ smartphone, so you can easily put your mobile phone in the right place. The nice thing is that your phone doesn't need to be placed on the induction charger very precisely.


When your mobile phone is charging, the induction charger emits a blue light. If the blue light turns off, that means your mobile phone is charged to 100%.


The dimensions of the wireless charger are 78 x 78 x 19.5 mm. The weight is 50 grams. The induction charger only protrudes 2.5 mm above the surface.


Fast charging

The induction charger is suitable for fast charging. The wireless charger works with Qi technology. Qi is a wireless charging standard, set up by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

The charging capacity depends on the values your phone requires. If your mobile phone can charge with a higher current, the charging capacity will be higher. The maximum charging capacity the induction charger can provide is 10W. Check your phone specifications to see if it is suitable for fast charging.


From now on, you will have a charger that is part of the interior at your favourite sitting corner in the caravan of motorhome!

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