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Marking a protruding load has never been easier!

Flexible marking sign
The flexible marking plate can be attached very well to the protruding load, precisely because the plate is flexible. The sign is made of solid plastic, which makes it easy to bend without breaking. With a longer lifespan, the marking plate is more durable than non-flexible marking plates.

Material of the marking sign
The marking sign is made of a strong plastic material, namely polypropylene.

Reflection of the marking plate
This marking sign is made with class II high retro-reflective foil whereby the retro-reflection system consists of glass beads that are covered by a clear, smooth top layer. A characteristic feature is the "honeycomb structure" that can be seen on the foil. Light is reflected well by this film, making the sign highly visible from a distance.

Mounting the sign
The marking board is equipped with sturdy metal eyelets for securing the sign to the load.

Marking plate regulations
Marking plates are intended to increase the visibility of a protruding load, both during the day and at night. For example, a bicycle carrier with bicycles at the back of the caravan or motorhome.
The marking plate is suitable for marking cargo for all countries except Spain and Italy, where a special sign is required.

Dimensions of the marking plate
The dimensions of the marking sign are: 500x500x1.3mm.

Product alternative
If you are looking for a double-sided marking sign for Spain or Italy, we show it under the heading "Product alternative". We also show marking signs made of other materials.

Product combination
In our product range we have a bicycle cover with a marking sign window. This marking sign and the bicycle cover are a good combination to transport the bicycles safely.

Available in stores from February 2022.

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