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Switching on outdoor lighting from a distance

You have gone out for dinner in the evening and you return to your motor home, caravan or boat when it is already dark. With the remote control of the LED dimmer you can switch on the outdoor lights from a distance. With the lights on, you can clearly see where you are going.

With the LED dimmer with remote control, several light sources can be switched on/off and dimmed simultaneously from a distance. The LED dimmer is extremely suitable for dimming LED lights with a very low amperage.
The total power that can be switched is up to 96W, which means that, for example, the Viganella door lamp (7W) and indoor lamp Tivoli ceiling fixture (10W) can easily be switched simultaneously with 1 LED dimmer module.

Remote control
The set is equipped with 2 pieces of remote control.
The remote control has 3 buttons: an on/off button, a button to make the lights brighter and a button to dim the lights.
The reach of the high-frequency remote control is long and it works up to 10m distance from the dimmer module. The remote control is easy to take with you on your key chain.

You mount the dimmer inside the camper, caravan or boat, to be placed between the lighting and the power supply.
The wiring of the lighting is easy to connect to the LED dimmer module, because it is equipped with power wire clips on both sides. Open the clamp, place the wires and close the clamp to secure the wires.
The dimmer module itself has 4 mounting holes of Ø4mm.
The dimensions of the dimmer are 110x56x34mm.

Product alternative
If you are looking for a dimmer with touch control that falls within the C-line range, we recommend the C-Line touch dimmer. If it does not fall within the same range, then the iTouch LED dimmer is also a good option. The dimmers are shown under the heading "Product alternative".

Product combination
This dimmer works perfectly with the Viganella door lights. These are shown under the heading "Related Products".

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