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The battery is the power source for all your electrical devices


Product description of the Lithium battery 60 Ah

The Lithium battery can be used as a 12V DC power source in the motorhome or caravan.


Charging the battery

You charge the battery using a battery charger, which is connected to, for instance, the 230V AC utility pole, or via an MPPT charger that is connected to a solar panel.


Use of household appliances

The battery allows you to be self-sufficient in electricity at locations where no connection to a 230V AC utility pole is possible. The battery also stores the electricity from the solar panel. Many of the household appliances in a motorhome and caravan run on 12V DC, such as a hairdryer or kettle.

To be able to use appliances that run on 230V AC, such as an electric heater, the battery can be connected to an inverter, which converts the 12V DC voltage of the battery to 230V AC.


Lighting and refrigerator

The lighting and refrigerator also get their power from the battery when your caravan or motorhome is not connected to a utility pole.


Benefits of the Lithium battery

  • The battery is relatively light in weight and small in size compared to lead or AGM batteries. The battery weighs 9.8 kg. The dimensions are 307 x 174 x 220 mm.
  • The battery is easy to install, because it can be done in any desired position, and the space where the battery is placed does not need te be ventilated.
  • The Battery Management System ensures that all cells of the battery are charged evenly and proportiontely. Simply charge the battery and it is ready for use.
  • The LiFePO4 (lithium) battery can be charged intermediately and can withstand deep discharges in contrast to lead and AGM batteries, where this is not possible.
  • The battery is also maintenance-free. This means for you there is no need to do any maintenance during camping, just enjoy yourself!i 

Battery capacity

The battery capacity (Ah) with this battery is 60 Ah. Ampere hour (Ah) is the amount of electrical current a battery can deliver per hour. 


Which battery do I need?

10Ah = mover or for whisper motor on a boat

20Ah = mover or for whisper motor on a boat

60Ah and 100Ah = on-board batteries that can power the following devices, without being recharged by electricity from the pole or by generated electricity from the solar panel: mover, interior lighting, refrigerator, hairdryer and 3 cups of coffee.


The different batteries are shown under the “product variants” heading.


Complete the electricity installation

To complete the electricity installation, we also recommend looking at a battery charger, inverter and an MPPT charger in combination with a solar panel.



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