MAAS 6 microfiber brush head

Homeright New Products

The MAAS 6 brush is made of microfibre and therefore is perfectly suitable for scratch-free cleaning of the caravan, motorhome, car or boat. The microfibre cover is extremely soft and the edges are completely trimmed of. The microfiber cover absorbes the dirt, after which it can be removed from the holder and rinsed out or washed. With the hand grip the MAAS 6 brush can be used stand alone or, if extra length is needed, the brush can be connected to one of the washing brush handles from the HABA assortment. The MAAS 6 brush has a water inlet, so you will be able to clean the surface with sufficient water. 

Article number8402041

Price€ 7,50


Material PP

Colour Green

Product length 30cm

Product width 21.5cm

Height product 8cm

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