Mugello thermic wheel cover 15-17"

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Protect your caravan or motorhome against external influences


Product description of the Mugello thermal wheel cover

These Thermal wheel covers protect your caravan or motorhome tyres against dust and dirt. It also protects your tyres from drying out or burning due to the sun and other weather conditions. Take good care of your tyres, as you are meant to travel a long way with them!



Once you arrive and the campsite, you can easily slide the wheel cover over the tyre. There are 2 recesses at the bottom which you can use to attach the wheel cover to the ground with tent pegs. This ensures that the wheel cover will stay in place.



The thermal wheel cover is made of EVA foam and aluminium. EVA foam is a good insulator for heat. Aluminium is a reflective material for heat and sun rays. Together, these materials make this a high-quality wheel cover.


Which wheels are suitable

The wheel cover for the caravan or motorhome is intended for 15 to 17 inch wheels. The dimensions of the wheel cover are 840 X 10 X 705 mm.


Alternative product


We also have other wheel covers in our range. The MONZA wheel cover is suitable for a smaller tyre size, 13 to 15 inch. We also sell the wheel cover, Fiorano, for larger tyre sizes. The products are shown under the “Product variants” heading.

Available in stores from July 2021.



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