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Properly illuminate the doorway of your motor home or caravan!

Safety first. It is important to properly illuminate the doorway of your motor home or caravan. This increases safety when getting in and out of the vehicle when it is dark outside.
The Porzio door light is a light for above the doorway of the caravan or motor home.

Good light distribution
The Porzio doorlamp is a wide light source and because of the frosted cover, the light is distributed evenly, which means that there are no hard shadows. This makes it more pleasant to get in and out of the motorhome or caravan in the evening.
It is also nice to have good lighting in the evening when sitting outside in the awning or under the canopy.
By connecting an external dimmer, the light intensity of the Porzio door light can be dimmed.

Wide doorways
The door light is 60cm wide.

The foam seal on the back of the light ensures that after installation, the door light is watertight. Any condensation that forms under the frosted cover can escape through the openings at the base of the lamp.

The lamp is easy to install. There are two mounting holes behind the lamp cover. You can use these holes to mount the lamp above the doorway. After mounting, click the cover back, the mounting holes are now hidden.

Product alternative
Are you looking for a door light for a more narrow doorway? Under the heading "product alternative" the Rovello (48cm) and the Caletta (23.5cm) are shown. 

Available in stores from February 2022.

Article number4302560

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