Power Line USB 2.4A + USB QC 3.0 charger

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With the Powerline charger with 2 USB-A ports, 2 devices can be charged simultaneously. The special thing about this charger is that one of the ports is suitable for fast charging with QC 3.0 technology and the other port has a very high charging current (2.4A).
The charging capacity depends on the device to be charged, how full the battery is and the use of the correct charging cable.

Quick Charging
The port with the high charging current of 2.4A has a maximum power of 12W (maximum 5V).
The port with QC 3.0 technology has a maximum output of 36W (maximum 12V with 3A current), charging the connected device up to 50% within half an hour.

When using a charger with QC 3.0 technology, the charging voltage adjusts to how full the battery is. The fuller the battery, the less voltage is needed. This ensures the most efficient charging possible. And as a result, as little energy as possible is lost. This is beneficial, because too much energy means heat development. Since a hot battery will last less long than a cold one, the QC 3.0 technology also ensures a longer lifespan of the battery.

If the device to be charged is not suitable for charging with Quick Charging technology, it will still charge faster. This is due to the high charging current of 3.0A.
It is recommended to use a certified Quick Charging cable, because a normal cable cannot withstand the high charging current and may overheat.

Using USB ports simultaneously
The USB ports can be used at the same time and provide maximum charging power per USB output. Close the USB charger after use to keep it free from dust, moisture or dirt, by carefully pushing the cover into the ports.

Power line
This USB charger is part of the Power line range. This range also includes elements such as a Voltmeter and 12V contact.

Drill a 30mm diameter hole and place the USB charger in it. Fasten the ring from the back to fix the USB charger. A nice addition is to use a built-in or surface-mounted frame of the Power Line series.

Product alternative
Are you looking for a Quick Charging USB charger with a USB-A and USB-C port? Or do you prefer a USB charger without Quick Charging? These products are shown under the heading "Product alternative".

Available in stores from February 2022.

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