Pure sine 3000 - wave inverter 3000W

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Want to watch TV, drink coffee and blow-dry your hair while camping?


Product description of the Pure Sinus Inverter 3000W

By connecting the Pure Sinus Inverter to the battery of your caravan or motorhome, you can turn 12V into 230V. By connecting the inverter, you make it possible to watch TV, make coffee and use a hairdryer in places where there is no external power supply


This inverter delivers a high wattage, namely 3000W, allowing you to switch on multiple devices at once that consume up to 3000W together.


The inverter is made of aluminium and has a grey colour. The dimensions are 450 X 230 X 100 mm


Inverter suitable for sensitive devices

The inverter has a pure sine wave. This means it is also suitable for sensitive devices, such as laptops and TVs.


Inverter is safe

A very important aspect of the inverter is that it is protected against short circuit and overcharge. You don't have to worry while you're on vacation!


Inverter has AC priority

As soon as you connect the caravan or motorhome to the power pole at the campsite, this inverter automatically ensures it switches from battery power to power from the power pole.

With the inverter, you can simply use your coffee maker while you're on your way to the campsite.

The switch time is not noticeable. Even if your TV is on and you plug into the power pole, you won't notice a thing.


Inverter with remote

The inverter comes with a remote control. Most inverters are installed in a place that is difficult to reach. When you go out and about for a day, it is better to turn the inverter off. With the remote, turning the inverter off becomes quick and easy!


Inverter is complete

The inverter comes with the connection cables for the battery, a remote control, grounding cable and spare fuses. After purchasing this Sinus inverter, you can connect and use it in your caravan or motorhome right away.


Alternative products

Should you prefer purchasing an inverter with a different wattage, we have those in our range as well. This includes 300W, 600W, 1500W, 2000W and 4000W. These are shown under the "Product variants" heading.

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