Reno tap splitter

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Use your tap for 2 purposes at once while camping!


Product description of the Reno tap splitter

Do you want to both fill the pool with water and use the hose to water the plants at the campsite? At the same time? You can with the tap splitter!


You can easily twist the tap splitter onto your tap, giving you 2 branches of water.


Design of the Reno tap splitter

The tap splitter is blue and black. It is made of plastic. The tap splitter can be attached to an (outdoor) tap with a diameter of 27mm. The water hoses can then easily be attached to the tap splitter, because it comes with quick couplings. However, the quick couplings can also be independently removed, which means regular screw connections with a diameter of 27mm become available.


Complete it

The perfect water hose to fit onto the tap splitter is the “magic hose” from HABA. This product is available in 2 different lengths. The recommended water hose is shown below under “Related products”.

Alternative product

If you are looking for a tap adapter with quick coupling for in your caravan or motorhome with 1 branch, then we recommend the Panama - tap adapter. This is shown under the "Product variants" heading.

Article number2402550H

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