Rovello LED door light

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Step into your caravan or motorhome with a well-lit doorway


Product description of the LED door light

At the campsite, it can be very dark in the evening and at night. This may make it difficult to find your footing in the doorway. That is a thing of the past with the LED door light. The LED door light is specifically made for caravans and motorhomes and the ideal light to illuminate the entrance.


Design of the LED door light

The Rovello door light has a beautiful long and compact design for above the door. It creates a fashionable appearance.


The light bar is black in colour and is only 48 cm wide. The total dimensions of the door light are 480 X 30 X 40 mm. The 12V door light provides a lot of light, namely 900 lumens. In addition, the consumption is only 4W.


The door light is easy to mount and finish neatly, thanks to the mounting screw holes being hidden under the hood of the light. Connect the 300 mm wiring to the 12V network and the light is ready to use.


Alternative product

If a white housing matches your caravan or motorhome better, then we also offer the same door light in white. This is shown under the “Product variants” heading.

If you prefer a smaller version of the LED door light with a similar design, HABA's range also includes the 23.5 cm Caletta door light. Available in white and black with a brightness of 400 lumens.

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