Sunnywarm 360 ceramic heater

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The Sunnywarm 360 keeps you warm on cold camping days!


Product description of the Sunnywarm 360 – Ceramic heater

While camping you sometimes experience cold summer evenings, but thanks to the Sunnywarm 360, you can still enjoy your awning at the campsite.

Are you a fan of winter camping? The Sunnywarm heats up your caravan or motorhome and makes sure you don't get cold!


Modern heater design

The Sunnywarm has a new design. The design of the Sunnywarm 360 has a nice, modern look. The model has a round design. And the black colour really completes the fashionable look.


70° rotation

The Sunnywarm 360 rotates 70°. What does that mean for you? It means your entire awning, caravan or motorhome is heated if you put the Sunnywarm 360 in a central spot.

If you prefer having the heater heating you from a corner, you can easily turn off the rotation using the button on the top of the heater.



The heater for the campsite has a temperature display at the top. The functionalities of the display: 

  • turn temperatur up and down,
  • switch heater on and off,
  • select mode,
  • turn 70° rotation on and off,
  • read ambient temperature,
  • 3 indicator lights (indicates the heat of the heater).

At the back of the heater, there is a main switch to turn the heater on and off.


Technical properties

The Sunnywarm 360 has a maximum power of 1200 W and operates on 220-240 V AC. It has 2 different wattage settings, 600W (warm air is blown out of the heater quietly) and 1200W (warm air is blown out of the heater with more force).
The heater has a weight of 1150 g and its dimensions are Ø 140 x 220 mm.

The heater must be connected with a Schuko connection. The length of the cable is 1.3 m.



The heater has an overheating protection and tilt protection. It is especially important that a heater has these safeties.


Sunnywarm 360 materials

The Sunnywarm 360 is a ceramic heater. A ceramic heater is energy efficient and an effective way to heat your caravan, tent or motorhome. A ceramic heater is safer to use because it gets less hot. This safety is very important for use during camping.


In short: The heater that keeps you warm at the campsite!


The Sunnywarm 360 scores an 8.2 from an independent organisation.

The Sunnywarm 360 is temporarily sold out due to the success. Fortunately the heater will be available again when we enter the cold season!
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