Tivoli ceiling light

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Create a good light source at the sitting area and in the bedroom.

Design of the Tivoli
The Tivoli is a modern square ceiling light. The very flat model is made of PMMA plastic, so it is also lightweight. PMMA looks like glass, giving it a transparent look.

The light is evenly distributed in the ceiling light, which means there are no harsh shadows and there is a strong light emission over the entire surface. The light intensity of the Tivoli can be adjusted with an external LED dimmer.

Small but strong
The ceiling light is small in size, with a length and width of 21x21cm and a very slim height of 1.3cm. The maximum light intensity, however, is very high, namely 500 lumens.

The Tivoli can be installed surface mounted or recessed.
The ceiling light is easy to install in the desired location. Mount the lamp with 4 screws in the 4 screw holes (Ø6.5 mm).
After installation, you can finish off the lamp by covering the screw holes with the chrome coloured caps supplied and the lamp is ready for use.

Product combination
The dimmer you can connect to the ceiling light is shown under the heading "product combination". 

Available in stores from February 2022.

Article number4305800

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