Electric water valve for Thetford C-200 S and CS toilets

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Make sure the toilet flushes properly!

If the toilet keeps on dripping or flowing after the toilet has been flushed, the electrical valve in the toilet probably needs to be replaced.

What does the electric valve do?
The function of the electric valve is to ensure that the toilet flushes when the flush button is pressed. When the button is pressed, a 12V voltage is applied to the valve, causing it to open and let the water through.
When the button is released, the voltage on the valve is cut off again, causing the valve to close and not let any more water through.
This electric water valve is suitable as a replacement part for a Thetford toilet.

The electric valve is fitted with 10mm hose connections, has 2 standard 12V spade connectors and a removable filter that can be cleaned.

Product combination
Is the water pump in the Thetford toilet due for replacement, then HABA has 2 models for this in the assortment.

Available in stores from February 2022.

Article number2400980H

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