Zerbino waste bin foldable 9ltr

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The trash bin is named after the Italian city of “Zerbino”. This reminds us of a kind of “peace”, which is exactly what this trash bin gives you!


Product description of the Zerbino trash bin

When camping, you still have to tidy up your rubbish. To do this easily and quickly, this trash bin has been specifically designed for use in the motorhome or caravan. The ideal invention for rubbish disposal for campers. Why does the Zerbino give you peace on vacation?


Hanging the trash bin

You can hang the trash bin on a cabinet or drawer. For instance, in the kitchen: You hang the trash bin on your kitchen cabinet and easily slide all your rubbish from the countertop into the trash bin. 


The trash bin is not mounted in a fixed spot in the motorhome or caravan. You can easily take the trash bin off the cabinet and use it somewhere else.


Standing trash bin

Besides hanging the trash bin, you can also place it on the ground.


Folding and unfolding the trash bin

The trash bin is foldable so that it takes up little space. Do you have a larger volume to throw away? Then you can easily unfold the trash bin.


The dimensions of the folded trash bin: 245 X 95 X 285 mm

The dimensions of the unfolded trash bin: 245 X 180 X 285 mm


Rubbish bag stays in place

The rubbish bag stays in place thanks to a black plastic clamp. The rubbish bag is clamped on the outside, preventing it from shifting.


Design of the trash bin

The trash bin has a white colour and is made of polypropylene and technical rubber.

The trash bin has a capacity of 9 litres.

The Zerbino trash bin is easy to move thanks to its very low weight of 0.33 kg.


Always together with the Zerbino trash bin

Once you have the Zerbino trash bin, you will never want to miss it. Just use the trash bin at home as well! Great, right?


Complete the foldable range

The Zerbino trash bin is one of the products from our foldable range. The foldable range is very compact, which makes it perfect for campers. Think of a: Foldable bucket, Foldable basket, Foldable colander, Foldable dish and the Foldable dish rack


Even at the campsite: All things neat and tidy!

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