Hold-up Plus waste water hose pegs

Homeright Waterright Waste water

Simple waste water disposal

With the Hold-up plus pegs, it is easy to create a sloping path for the waste water hose by driving the pegs into the ground at different heights.
In this way, the waste water flows effectively from the motorhome/caravan into the sewerage system.
By making a gooseneck in the flexible waste water hose, foul smells from the sewer are stopped.
The pegs are an addition to the Colapz waste water hose and adapter piece.

Protected against corrosion
The pegs are used outside and are weatherproof. These pegs are chrome-plated, which prevents the formation of rust. In contrast to traditional pegs, these pegs therefore last longer.

Gooseneck: Stopping foul air from the sewer
By making a U-bend (gooseneck effect) in the waste water hose and supporting it with the pegs, you prevent sewage air from coming up through the drain into the caravan or camper.

Easy to drive into the ground
The pegs have an extra large head and a very sharp point. This makes it easier to drive the pegs into the ground. Moreover, the stakes are made of very strong material, which makes them less susceptible to breaking.

Protection of sharp point
The points of the pegs have rubber caps, so the sharp points are protected when stored and can't cause damage to other stored items.

Peg set
The set consists of 10 pegs. The pegs come in a storage bag with a drawstring. Ideal to store the set neatly in the caravan or camper.
The pegs are all 300 mm long and have a pin diameter of 6 mm.

Product combination
As mentioned before, the pegs are an addition to the Colapz waste water hose range. Under the heading "Related Products" the parts of the waste water hose are shown.

Article number2400830


Colour Chrome

Material Metal

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