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Save space with this foldable basket that is multifunctional in use.


Product description of the foldable basket

This foldable basket is made specifically for everyone who loves camping. Caravans and motorhomes are compact, so it is important that you can store your camping accessories in a practical way.


Easy to fold and unfold

The foldable basket is easy to use. The basket can easily be unfolded and folded again.


Space saving

The camping basket is very compact. You can easily fold it after use and neatly store it somewhere.

A folded basket has the following dimensions: 605 X 400 X 75 mm.



The camping basket is also lightweight. It weighs just 1.15 kg. You can easily lift and transport the basket.



The basket can be used for many different purposes. Think of things like: Cooling drinks, bathing pets, doing your laundry, doing the dishes and for storage in your car while travelling.

The foldable basket is made especially for campers, but it is also very handy to use at home.


Design of the foldable basket

Thanks to its neutral colours, white and grey, the foldable basket fits with any interior.


Complete the foldable set

The camping basket is part of our foldable range. Are you interested in other foldable camping items? The range consists of: Foldable dish rack, foldable bucket, foldable dish (1.5 L & 3 L), foldable colander (1.5 L & 3 L). These camping accessories are shown under the “Product variants” heading.

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