Mammoth Carafoot

Homeright New items season 2024

Discover the perfect companion for your caravan’s stability, the Mammoth Carafoot. This product is designed to increase the surface area of your caravan’s support legs. By distributing the load over a larger area, it prevents the support legs from sinking into soft ground, ensuring a stable and secure footing for your caravan.

The Mammoth Carafoot incorporates a unique spring clip mechanism for quick and effortless installation. The inside of the Mammoth Carafoot is lined with ridges, providing excellent traction for your caravan foot. These grips work to stabilize your caravan and prevent any sliding or shifting.

Available in stores from February 2024. 

Article number7600800


Max Carry Weight 1250kg

Net Weight 2.8kg

Colour Black

Material PA6 with glass fiber 30%

Product width 19.2cm

Product length 25.2cm

Height product 6.5cm

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