Pure sine wave inverter 3000W 12V-230V with AC priority

Homeright New items season 2024

Our advanced inverter effortlessly converts 12V DC power into a reliable 230V AC source, so you will never be without power, even in the most remote locations. With a robust capacity of up to 3000W, this inverter is perfect for devices that demand high power. 

Experience the seamless transition between power sources. 

Once your vehicle or vessel is connected to the grid, our inverter automatically switches to AC power, ensuring continuous operation without manual intervention. The inverter is equipped with a 5V DC 2.1A USB output and a connection for a control panel.

A control panel can be connected to the pure sine wave inverter (sold separately - Art. 4403445), with which the inverter can be switched on and off from a distance.

It also displays the data from the inverter, the connected battery and the connected device.

Available in stores from February 2024. 


Article number4403465


supply voltage 12V DC


Output voltage 230V AC

Output 3000W

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