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Product description of the Solar Power 170W

The best way to enjoy nature is by going camping. So we understand you like to be conscious of the environment. By generating energy in a natural way, you are environmentally conscious. How do you do that? With the Solar Power 700W!


From now on, you drink your coffee made with the energy of the sun!


Specifically for caravans and motorhomes

This solar panel is specifically designed for caravans and motorhomes to generate energy in a sustainable way. The advantage of this panel is that the wind blows underneath it, cooling down the solar panel and generating more yield.


The solar panel has a compact size in order to be placed on the roof of the caravan and motorhome. The dimensions are: 1350 X 680 X 35 mm.

The solar panel is made of aluminium, so it is lightweight. The solar panel has a weight of 12 kg.



170W is the maximum amount of Watts the solar panel can generate.


Energy route from sun to electrical device

The sun shines on the solar panel, which generates renewable energy. The energy that is generated is converted into usable energy by the MPPT charger. The MPPT charger sends the information to the Remote LCD Display or Bluetooth adapter, so you can read out all data from your solar panel with these expansions. The usable energy is delivered to the battery. The battery stores the energy. The electrical devices that are in and around the motorhome or caravan can now be provided with power.


The MPPT charger, Remote LCD Display and Bluetooth adapter and battery are shown under the “Related products” heading.


Connecting the solar panel

The solar panel also comes with the connection necessities. These consist of the cable and the MC4 connector.


Product combination

The solar panel is attached to the roof of the caravan or motorhome with sturdy mounting blocks. The 6 sturdy mounting blocks are available seperately as an installation kit. The set of mounting blocks also comes with 2 cable glands and a junction box. The installation kit is shown under the “Related products” heading.


Alternative product

If you want a lower charging speed for your battery, you can opt for the 100W solar panel. Your battery will be charged slower with the same number of sunshine hours.

The solar panel is shown under the “Product variants” heading.

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